Friday, November 1, 2013

I'll be honest with you
I want a little red wagon
Stack up my things in the order I would have them
Clenching the handle, get off my ass and drag them
Down the path that I choose

I'll be honest with you
I want raincoats and galoshes
To keep off the rain and keep dry from puddle sloshes
I'm safe from the storm, though you might suffer some losses
On the road that I choose

I'll be honest with you
I could really use a pancake
Perfectly buttered and syruped and hand-made
There's none left for you, and I think that is a damned shame
But this is the life that I choose

I'll be honest with you
I appreciate your kindness
For giving me things that I want and even blindness
To selfish instincts, and calling me “Your Highness”
Throughout this life that we'll lose

I'll be upfront with you
There's no easy way to say this
I've found a new wagon to carry the same wish
I laid upon you when I fancied your lame kiss
These are the wheels that I choose

We're frantic and true
But we're false and level-minded
The poetry's dim, but the sad truth's behind it
I want what I want, and you aren't allowed to mind it

Because lying's a game I can't lose

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